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  1. Craigslist’s Unconventional User Experience

    Evolution of XD Principles

    Challenging XD conventions

    A column by Dashiel Neimark
    June 19, 2017

    I’m going to open my new column Evolution of XD Principles with a quotation that actually contradicts my position:

    “If you do it right, it will last forever.”—Massimo Vignelli

    He’s wrong. Massimo is a very well-known, well-respected Italian designer who has impressed the world by successfully innovating products in a variety of disparate product spaces. But he’s wrong.

    Design should always accomplish one key thing: demonstrate a thorough understanding of the people who will engage with a solution. A design should accommodate the well-defined mental model of those engaging with an experience. However, a challenge for UX designers is this: mental models represent collections of knowledge—and knowledge is never static. Forever is a fallacy.

    With this premise in mind, my goal for this column is to write a series of articles that challenge traditional experience-design principles in a way that explores next-generation—and forgotten, last-generation—experience-design strategies.

    Join me, as I explore such topics as why ugly products sometimes succeed, how some companies can dictate rather than accommodate usability patterns, and the hidden value of a user experience with a tinge of dishonesty. I’ll be leading you on a journey that will take us off the beaten path—one on which the only constant is change. Read More

  2. Starting from Zero: Winning Strategies for No Search Results Pages

    Search Matters

    Creating the ultimate finding experience

    A column by Greg Nudelman
    February 9, 2009

    Search results pages are some of the most visited pages on typical ecommerce sites—to say nothing of a search engine like Google. Many articles appear each year about optimal search algorithms, database performance, and the like. In contrast, very few publications focus on improving the search experience from the customer’s perspective. My new column Search Matters aims to fill this gap by focusing on:

    • best practices of search user interface (UI) design
    • design patterns and strategies for improved search user interfaces
    • common search UI pitfalls
    • how to use search to provide maximum value to customers and your business
    • practical search UI matters that have strategic impact on your customers’ Web site experience

    Read More

  3. 10 Ecommerce Tips: Converting One-Time Buyers into Loyal Customers

    December 7, 2020

    Ecommerce is the most lucrative business of our time. Perhaps you had the vision to see the potential and dive into ecommerce with full confidence. You have a great Website, a good product, and a highly competent team. Everything is running smoothly, and you have all the ingredients of success. And yet, your sales seem to have stagnated. You’ve done everything right, but don’t see the growth you anticipated. Are you wondering why?

    Most online business owners invest significant resources and energy into attracting and gaining new customers. The key here is to keep an eye on your one-time buyers and try to convert them into loyal customers. In this article, I’ll provide some actionable tips to help you retain your customers. Read More

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