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  1. Understanding Stakeholders Through Research

    Practical Usability

    Moving toward a more usable world

    A column by Jim Ross
    May 4, 2015

    In user experience, we often write about and discuss conducting research to understand users and their needs, but have focused much less attention on understanding stakeholders and their needs. This turnaround from a traditional development process—which focused almost entirely on gathering stakeholders’ requirements and gave very little consideration to the needs of users—was once necessary. But perhaps the balance has tipped too far in some cases, with our focus almost exclusively on users’ needs and a lack of adequate consideration or understanding of business needs. Designing an effective user experience requires an understanding of the needs of both the business and users and designing a solution that meets them. Read More

  2. Doing Research with People Who Are Not Users: Consultation

    Good Questions

    Asking and answering users' questions

    August 28, 2017

    User research is central to our work in User Experience: doing research to find out about our users, then acting on what we’ve learned—or persuading our colleagues to act on a shared understanding of what we have learned.

    But what about doing research with other people? In this column, we’ll focus on exactly that: conducting research with people who are not users—that is, people who aren’t part of the target audience for the product or service you’re creating. We call this type of research consultation. Read More

  3. Applying UX Design Tactically to Achieve Strategic Objectives

    December 5, 2016

    UX design encompasses user research, user-interface design, visual design, and content. But what about process design? Why should seasoned companies—whose product-development process hasn’t previously relied on conducting design research—hire UX professionals to help them devise and realize a new business model?

    At times, my UX team at Fuzzy Math, has had to convince our clients—particularly those who have been around for a while—of the importance of doing user research before design and explain how it affects the end product. We’ve had to be their UX mentor as well as their design agency. Read More

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