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  1. Top 8 Mobile-App Design Trends for 2022

    May 23, 2022
    The pandemic has radically changed our lifestyles. We have found ourselves more engaged than ever on digital and mobile platforms. The average American checks his or her mobile phone 344 times per day—that’s once every four minutes. Around 88% of US adults spend time in mobile apps. At work, at home, when eating, in bed, and even in our cars—hopefully, not while driving—we use our phones. You may be reading this on a mobile device right now.

    With the rising popularity of mobile apps, companies are investing more in enhancing their user experience, to make them more competitive and achieve business growth. UX design trends for mobile apps are continually changing. Every year, the world of mobile apps evolves substantially and progressively, so keeping up with the newest market trends is essential. In this article, I’ll share the most important design trends for mobile apps that you should know about in 2022. Read More

  2. 17 Modern Portfolio-Design Trends

    January 24, 2022

    To get work as a professional designer, whether as an in-house designer or an independent consultant, the first thing you need to have is a good design portfolio. If you want to win design projects, your design portfolio must impress your prospective clients. Your portfolio showcases your design skills, creativity, and talent and helps clients to envision what they can expect if they hire you. Your portfolio can help you to make a great first impression, which is essential in today’s competitive design industry.

    How can you create a brilliant, eye-catching design portfolio? First, you must decide what goals you want to achieve through your design portfolio and what information it should include. Your design portfolio should be a virtual gallery of your best designs. It should tell a well-crafted story about your work and give your future clients a sneak-peek into the design processes and methods you use in overcoming design challenges. Read More

  3. 16 Top Design Trends for 2022

    April 25, 2022

    Every year, the significance of a Web site’s having a high-quality, up-to-date user interface (UI) and user experience continues to grow. Since more and more people seem to be almost perpetually drawn to their phone or computer, a Web site’s ability to create a positive brand perception and capture someone’s attention and interest is crucial to generating sales leads and online revenues.

    One way to help influence potential customers’ buying patterns is by optimizing a Web site’s design. By delivering a seamless, enjoyable user experience, a Web site can bring a company one step—or perhaps several steps—closer to a sale and help a company gain a significant competitive edge. Let’s consider 16 top design trends for 2022. Read More

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